Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bus Report #787

I had a late meeting the other night, caught the 22  a few hours later than usual.
The driver saw me, raised his eyebrows. "You're late," he said, smiling.
I sat down next to a kid who was talking to the couple sitting behind us. I couldn't figure out how they knew each other, but they'd all spent time in Manila and also in the Netherlands, so the three of them chatted about it until we got to Mission and 16th.
"You guys want to join us for a burrito?" my seatmate asked his two new friends.
They did.
The three of them got out and headed off for some food.

The Man Who Looks Familiar From the Back got on the bus. He wore his usual jacket and cap, smiled at no one, sat down and took off his cap. I hadn't seen him in months. And while I still can't figure out why he looks so familiar from the back, I was glad to see him.


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