Monday, January 13, 2014

Bus Report #785

Early morning on the 22 Fillmore. The usual cast of characters: The mom with the wiggly worm baby, who has to be about a year old at this point, the teenage girl with the sweet smile, the 80s lady, the construction workers, and Mr. Fantastic, with his neon yellow wristlet and his flattop haircut.

The 80s lady (Reeboks, puffy ski parka, sheer tights. short black skirt, heavy makeup) gets out at Herman Street, Mr. Fantastic a  block later at Duboce.

Church and Market and who gets on the bus but Tennis Club guy. Tennis Club guy always wears tennis whites that are a few washes away from being truly white. He wears black socks with dock shoes. He has leathery tanned skin and greasy long hair. He always carries a tennis racket with him, but never a gym bag or anything like that.

And then it hits me, watching him sit in the front of the bus where the 80s lady was sitting just a few minutes earlier.

Let's get these two together, and let the magic happen.


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