Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Bus Report #848

This morning on the 33 Stanyan, two beauty regimens struck me down to my soul...

The giant genie sat beside me today. I admit, I was excited to get the chance to really check him out. He sat down and took off his watch cap, and fanned himself with it. He was warm - very warm - radiating heat for the rest of our mutual commute. He really is a huge, huge guy, bigger today than yesterday, is that even possible?
He sat down and took out a lip balm stick that I think was actually mustache and beard wax. He smeared it all over his face with long, repetitive strokes, then slipped the stick back into his pocket. He took out his dandy brush and gave his whole beard a good brushing. All the while, he balanced his backpack and a large gardener's style bag between his massive knees. He wore rubber rain boots that were so tall, if I'd put them on they'd probably come up over my thighs.

At the next stop, a woman got on, wearing a tank top and shorts as though she was on her way to the gym. The teal and turquoise of her outfit contrasted with her deep brown skin. She looked cold. I shivered in sympathy. She was beautiful, absolutely stunning in an understated, graceful way. She deftly dotted lotion all over her face and neck until she was covered in tiny white spots, and then she rubbed it in. Watching her hands work the lotion into her skin, twisting over and over themselves, was mesmerizing.

I am always struck by moments like this, when people do things in public that just seem so intimate and private.

When she was done moisturizing she put on some makeup. You don't need it, I thought. You look effortlessly great already.


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