Monday, April 20, 2015

Bus Report #869

Last week, on the 19 Polk.
A surprisingly uncrowded bus considering how long I'd waited for it.
Everything seemed fine - until we got to Market Street.

A woman got on, lugging her banged-up granny cart behind her. It was full of stuff wrapped in dingy plastic bags. She was dressed in black from head to toe, including a scarf wrapped around her head. She looked like the old Italian grandmas from old mafia movies.

She dragged her cart to the back of the bus, saw that most of the people were men, and dragged her cart back to the front of the bus. She stood hip against the shoulder of a man in a front facing seat, and he turned to see who was pressed up against him.

She began yelling at him.
He ignored her.

At the next stop, a couple of guys got out and a couple more got on.
One of the men slipped past her to stand where the flip-up seat was out of service for our safety.

She flipped out and began yelling at him, shouting for him to not touch her, to go away, and then she started in on the racial slurs. Just lovely.

The man, to his credit, ignored her, but she kept going, and rolled her cart into the knees of another seated man. He jumped up and began fighting with her.

She kept shouting, he shouted back and jabbed his finger in her face, and the driver did absolutely nothing. No one did anything.

The man stood in the step well so the doors wouldn't even close, and kept yelling for another minute or so, and then he left.
The woman shuffled to the back of the bus again but none of us made room for her.

We eventually went on our way, with the woman continuing her back and forth shuffle for the rest of the ride.


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