Monday, August 02, 2004

Rilo Kiley Show, Bottom of the Hill, 7/30/04

So Friday night was the sold-out Rilo Kiley show at the Bottom of the Hill. The Teacher's Pet and I had tickets, so right off the bat we were better off than the 15 or so kids who were already camped out outside at 6:30 PM (with doors not opening until 8:30, poor bastards...)
We kicked around Potrero Hill for a while, ate burgers, walked up the hill and read magazines at Farley's. Back at the club at 9:30, where we stood outside and purposely missed the two opening bands. And watched people try to score scalped tickets, and watched other people pull up in cabs and cars only to go away again.
Tired of standing up and listening to some of the strangest opening bands I'd heard in a while, we sat in the car and listened to the radio for a bit.
Back to the club at 11 PM. It was packed, and hot, and full of people. We were both feeling mean and immediately started talking about how All Ages and 18+ shows should be outlawed, etc. There were more black sharpie X's on hands than there were stamps. Really. There were some girls sitting on the floor in front of us, which was highly obnoxious considering the club was packed tight and people were trying to move through the crowd. And the boys standing in front of us were tall, and wasted, and did not seem to know or care that there were people standing behind them. Grumble, grumble, grumble.
The band came onstage and we all started clapping and whistling.
I don't remember the set list but they played a good selection of old stuff, really old stuff, and stuff that Teacher's Pet and I assumed was from their new album. It was great.
We had to move to another part of the room because the wasted boys were annoying us to no end. I managed to get us a spot in front of some really tall people and in back of some really short people.
The sound was a bit off, and Blake Sennett gave the techs some evil looks. All in all, though, It was pretty excellent. As always Jenny Lewis looked sweet and sung strongly. Jason Boesel looked a bit like Waldo in his striped top. They had a friend play trumpet on a few songs and he was very good, too.
But I was annoyed at all the people singing along. I did not come to hear them, I came to hear the band.
Also annoying were the people who obviously had no idea of the club etiquette, cutting through the middle of the crowd instead of staying far against the wall, the people who talked through the quiet songs and the people who kept yelling for them to play 'free bird'. Wasn't that 'joke' dead twenty years ago? I mean, seriously, come on!
But the new songs were beautiful, and often heartbreaking, and I can't wait to sit down and put on their new album and actually hear the songs (and be able to hear the lyrics clearer than in the club).
Long live Rilo Kiley and long live the Bottom of the Hill.


Blogger Sloan said...

yeah, you know the worst part about all-ages shows? THEY'RE ALL AGES.

on the other hand, when i was 19, i used to love me some all-ages shows, sharpie branded hand or not. so there it is. "counting crows, i LOVE you man!"

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