Friday, December 10, 2004

Bus Report #33

The other night it started pouring right as I left Trader Joe's, laden with things for my party. I ran for a very crowded 38 and slipped into a seat. Across from me sat The Scribbler, a balding middle aged man who fills about 5 notebook pages a bus ride (from Fillmore to 12th, about 10 minutes), a young woman with a henna tattoo on her hand and several surly-looking men and women, struggling with wet umbrellas and shopping bags. A woman sat next to me talking very loudly in Tagalog into a cell phone. she was talking so loud that she probably could have been heard by her friend all the way across town.
After her phone call, she smiled at the woman with the henna tattoo and told her she liked her lipstick.
The woman with the henna tattoo smiled back, said thank you, then said she wasn't wearing any lipstick. The loud talking lady then asked about the tattoo, and then the Scribbler complimented it, and the three of them had a lively discussion about henna tattoos, marriage and work. It was so cute I kept smiling at them all.
At my bus stop, the henna tattoo woman got out, too. The rain was really coming down and she invited me to share her umbrella. Turns out she lives one block away.
It was a sweet San Francisco MUNI moment. 4 people, one bus and some rain.


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