Friday, March 04, 2005

Field Trip

This morning I went down to City Hall to file my Notary Bond. Yes, if you know me and ever need anything notarized, let me know. Cause the State of California says I can do it.

Anyway: I took a quiet 31 Balboa bus in the rain down to Van Ness. Wet walk to City Hall followed by a ten minute wait outside on the steps before they opened for the day. I chatted with a woman that had a parking ticket to take care of. She's a native of SF and reminisced about school field trips to City Hall as a kid.

San Francisco City Hall is beautiful.
Once inside, I promptly got lost looking for the room I wanted but it was okay because I got to wander through the rotunda and see some nice sculpture. City Hall is silent and empty at 8 AM, which was nice. It's usually quite bustling. When I had to go there two summers ago for work, I would sometimes hang out and watch the wedding ceremonies taking place on or near the staircase. Lovely.

After wandering aimlessly for a bit, I asked a security guard where to go and since he was not busy he walked me down the hall.

I was the only person in the clerk's office, yet they still gave me a number (001) and still called the number. They did not appreciate my joking (Hey, I'm number 001, lucky me.) but they took my paperwork and check and administered the oath (I had to swear to uphold the Constitution! Yikes!) and then I was done.

Walked to the 19 Polk bus stop nearby. When it came, I got in and noticed my co-worker, A. sitting in the front. I sat with her and we got to work twenty minutes later.


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that's so cool! i know a notary! *gush!*

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