Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bus Report #68

Sunday I took the bus to Potrero Hill to meet up with The Teacher's Pet. Unbeknownst to those of us on the 22 (Me, a woman with a new baby, several elderly Russian people, the woman with the ugly hat and more) the busses were only running to McAllister and then we had to walk to Haight to catch the bus again. This was because of Bay to Breakers, San Francisco's wackiest race. It goes from Downtown to the park, and most people walk the race in costumes, drinking a lot and having a blast. So, while the racers had a blast, those of us from the 22 hiked 6 blocks up Fillmore and then down it, wove our way through the race itself and then waited impatiently at the corner of Haight and Fillmore. The only consolation: the costumes. There was a crew of people dressed up as lamps, a manly bride and his womanly husband, people wearing swim suits and caps, and several people in fat suits.

Monday started out promising: (in)famous bus driver, Carmen, The mom with the 4 well behaved kids and some other regulars. AS usual, someone picked a fight with the driver over paying a fare. Several people snuck in on the back and refused to leave and come to the front despite his repeated orders.

Tuesday the afternoon commute was full of beautiful boys. They all work somewhere on 16th near Harrison. Note to self: get a job where they work. Or find out where they take lunch.


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