Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bus Report #71

Reporting on events in the Hub of the Universe... Boston, Massachusetts

I just spent a lovely weekend in the Hub, celebrating my parent's anniversary (32 years, can I have a round of applause?) and baby sis's birthday.
It was a lovely visit, so before we get down to Mass Transit business, a few thank you's:

Thanks to the Moores for EVERYTHING. You are the best!

Thanks to Lil' C. for a fun afternoon in Harvard Square. No matter how much the Square changes, I know we'll always be friends.

Thanks to Mykael, for coming to the rained-in, City Year staff and random friends BBQ. It was a pleasure to see you, and we loved the lilacs.

Thanks to a certain half-naked rock and roll band, for making Sunday night fun for me and baby sis. And thanks to the door man for not charging baby sis to come in!

Thanks to Lala, for taking some time out of your crazy schedule for some hanging out. It was fun!

Ok, now on with the show.

I took the C line with Mom on Thursday, to Park Street. It was not too full and the air conditioning was actually working. We even got seats on the way back, what a feat! It was funny to me that I had to pay $1.25. Where was I, San Francisco?

On Friday I went to Harvard Square to meet up with Lil' C. The 66 bus used to be my bus when I worked there, and even earlier in my High School and College days, when I'd go there to shop or meet friends.
They have new environmentally friendly 66 busses, but I was not impressed.
The good: Environmentally friendly, which is a good thing.
The bad: too narrow, not enough seating, no openable windows, and the back of the bus is up a short flight of stairs, which means a pain in the ass for anyone with a cane, walker or stroller. Also, the wheel wells are huge and in order to even get to a seat you need to come three feet or so into the bus. I watched several elderly people have trouble with this. They were helped by other passengers, but it was not cool, seeing grandmas having to grope along the wheel wells for a railing (which was not there)before squeezing into one of only 3 accessible seats.
I got to the square and back with no problem, except that they rerouted the busses in Harvard Square so I did not know where I could catch it on the way back. I ended up standing at the Eliot Street stop, because we'd passed it on the way in.

That's it for now....


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