Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bus Report #92

The Mission woke up late today.
As my bus slowly made it's way down 16th Street, it seemed as though the shops were only JUST opening, the street cleaners were only JUST cleaning and the cops were only JUST rousting the homeless people awake.
A tiny woman gobbled a sandwich by the BART station.
The guys at Pancho Villa's used a high pressure water hose to clean out some buckets.
DPW soaped up the sidewalk in front of the Victoria Theater, while the homeless encampment tried to pack up before getting wet.
The shaved-head-clark-kent-glasses driver stopped at a few non-stops to pick up regulars. He idled the bus by McDonald's and ran in for a coffee.
Out the window I saw Carmen talking to Sarah and I wanted to yell out to her, but we passed them before I had a chance.
Mr. Polite politely let me board before him.
As I waited to cross the street to go to work, I looked up at the MUNI wires. There was something beautiful about the black wires curving and crossing the grey sky.
Lastly, Mod Jolene was wearing a long blonde wig today, with a beret. It worked for her, and would look great too, if she were a drag queen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why no new postings? are your midgets acting up?

1:15 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I took the midgets to the UK to perform in a tiny piano playing competition. Somewhere on the train between London and Edinburgh the midgets snuck off... I hear they have asked for asylum in Scotland. Oh, well. there are more where those came from.

10:11 AM  

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