Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bus Report #90

A couple of things

1. MUNI Fare Increase September 1
Just so you know, MUNI is raising fares on September 1. Adult fares will now be $1.50, though I think fast pass fees are the same. Discount fares will be 50 cents.

I am AGAINST the fare increase, but I am EVEN MORE AGAINST the proposed fare strike planned for September 1.
Here's why.
-Not paying fares will not change MUNIs mind: it will just make for an excruciating commute for everyone involved.
-There are already too many people who don't pay. This is one of the reasons for the hike (Whoa, idea: How about having fare collectors on all busses and trains so people can't sneak on anymore? They'd make enough money to pay the fare collectors and bite into their deficit, too!)

2. The (in)famous bus driver.
Everyone at FCN knows how much I like the (in)famous bus driver. I have not seen him in weeks so I was surprised to see him on another route last week. His bus was stopped at a light so I went over to say hi. I slapped the side of the bus. He looked down and smiled.
Him: Hello!
Me: Hi! When are you coming back, we miss you!
Him: Aw, it's all messed up, they're switching me to Cable Cars!
Me: Aw, man. Too bad. Well, see you soon. Good luck.
Him: Take care.

You heard it here first, gang. He is off to run Cable Cars. Sigh.


Blogger calswec said...

I agree, the fair hike just sucks. this is going to make the commute even more obnoxious now

5:29 PM  

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