Friday, October 28, 2005

Bus Report #108

This bus report cheats a little and you'll see why.
Last night I took a VERY SPEEDY 38 Geary and connected to an empty 24 Divisadero, so I could go hear Julieta Venegas at The Independent. I met up with A., R., J. and D.
We managed to score a spot right in front of center stage. We were so close to Julieta that I could smell her perfume! We had a blast, the show was wonderful and you would be foolish to miss her if she comes to your neck of the woods.
Another plus: I was one of the tallest women there!
There's nothing better than seeing a very talented performer rock out on stage with a shiny red accordion. Trust me.

This morning, therefore, I am in a bit of a haze. A I-stayed-out-way-past-my-bedtime haze. But it's Friday and my commute was okay, and at the coffeeshop the girl behind the counter said she liked my brooch. I got it in Glasgow and just put it on my coat last night....


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