Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bus Report #120

It's a new year and everyone is back on the bus. In the past three days I have seen almost all my usual bus companions. And been on very crowded buses, very empty buses, very late buses and very loud buses.
I found out where all the handsome men on the 22 work: there's a music mailorder company on 16th and Harrison. That must be where they hide all day. Must. Make. Friends. There.
The kids all have new winter coats and even bigger backpacks.
The neon has been fixed on the Motel Geary Parkway Vacancy, and it looks beautiful in the early mornings against the dark grey/blue sky.
I've been listening to my La Ley albums for four commutes now. I am quite happy with them.
Here's a moment from New Year's Eve for you:
I took the 22 Fillmore to The Teacher's Pet's place. The bus was 1/2 an hour late in coming. I crowded in with about fifteen other newcomers, and worked my way to the back.
My seat mate was rolling joints in the aisle, and managed to sell about 30 dollars worth of pot between Fillmore and Haight.
At Church, the bus was stopped because of a power problem. My seat mate started to get antsy, and talked with the sunglasses-at-7:30 PM-I'm-From-Liverpool-guy. They both started in about police searches and New Year's parties. My seatmate told me that San Francisco has the best public transit system in the country. My reply? Then why are we stuck at this intersection? He laughed. After five minutes my seatmate got off the bus, worried that the police would come on and search us (They didn't. They wouldn't). Then the guy with the sunglasses muttered about being late to his party and got off, too. A moment later, we were back in business, rolling slowly down 16th street.


Anonymous Friend of Greg Bloch's said...

The music place at 16th & Harrison is Revolver Distribution, I know a few guys there who work there, and you wouldn't want to go out with them. But they probably aren't the ones you commented about (Since. These. Particular. Guys. AREN'T. Hot.).

Love the blog! Been reading it since Greg went to England (hooray for links!). I used to take the 33, now I usually walk to work (50 minutes vs. 30 for the bus).

7:16 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Yeah... Aside from British-Look-Guy, no one else over there is terribly hot, but you know, it's a fun game.

12:13 PM  

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