Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bus Report #119

The woman sitting next to me this morning on the 22 Fillmore had a water bottle with her initials on it, and they were the same as mine. The similarities ended there, though. I was dressed head to toe in warm wool, she was wearing a hot pink rain slicker. The driver skipped her stop because the signaller was not working, and she barked at him and made him stop at the next corner, and cursed him out.
I would never do that.

It is time for the FCN 2005 Cheers and Jeers list.
Sadly, not many cheers for MUNI this year, but let's bring on the list anyway.

Jeer: MUNI raised fares and cut service. Hmmm... No comment.
Cheer: Commemorating Rosa Parks with tasteful photos of her at the front of each bus.
Jeer: MUNI says they are cracking down on fare evaders but I have not noticed a difference at all.
Cheer: Another year of my favorite commuters, Carmen, Ebony, J., Headphones-Guy, British-Look-Guy and many others.
Jeer: All my favorite drivers were switched to different routes and schedules. When I do see them, it's usually because I am running late or on a different bus line than usual.
Cheer: The Lolita sign on Dolores Street has been up for months, no sign it is coming down anytime soon.
Jeer: Watching the decline of the buildings on 16th that had the fire this past fall. The graffiti and the trash seems to multiply daily.
Cheer: Riding the 2 Clement home. What a nice bus line, not crowded, fast.
Jeer: Re-routing the 2 Clement down California instead of Euclid. Who's bright idea was that?
Cheer: MUNI Fast passes did not go up in price, only cash fares. I shouldn't thank MUNI for this, but I will. Thanks!


Blogger calswec said...

Interesting. You and I take the same bus home (The number 2)

9:29 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Hmmm... If I'm on it, it's usually around 6 PM and I get on at Fillmore...

10:26 AM  
Blogger calswec said...

you miss me by maybe 20 minutes. I get on up at UCSF... Funny though. What a small world in a big city :)

6:24 PM  

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