Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bus Report #112

The novel progresses and I am learning MUNI's new schedule. The two are happening at the same time. My brain is cluttered with bits and pieces of dialogue and scenes that haven't been written yet, worries about making the November 30 deadline. Yes, it's supposed to be fun, yes, it is fun, but I can't help but feel a little chained to my computer.
Still I seem to be managing okay.
I have found the perfect moment right after The California Report ends to walk out to catch the 38 Geary.
Some of the regulars have figured this out, too.
The mom with the two daughters who take the 22 with me as well.
The younger of the two Brazilian sisters, with her Barbie backpack scribbled over with 'yo amo a Adan Chalino Sanchez. Adan Chalino Sanchez' in big black letters.
The punk kid and his punk friend.
Mr. Polite.

I can usually catch an earlier 22 Fillmore if I play my cards right. Today there weren't many kids on the bus, so it was quiet. I was listening to Javier Alvarez, trying not to start singing along. Caught the eyes of a couple regular commuters and did the smile-nod-smile.
Got my coffee at the Potrero Center again, then walked the rest of the way to work while thinking about what I need to write tonight.


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