Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bus Report #116

I caught an early bus this morning, so I could get a December fast pass at the Potrero Safeway. For some reason, they did not get their fast passes until maybe this morning. Everyone's been talking about it.
So I caught the early bus. Had a lovely, loud talk with Carmen on the bus.
The pigeon man of the Mission was in his alley this morning, feeding the pigeons from his ever-present large sack of seed. The birds are so comfortable around him, they even sit on his shoulders and arms when he feeds them. I've seen him feeding the pigeons three days in a row so far this week. Usually, the cops hassle him at least once or twice a week to stop feeding the birds, since you're not supposed to do it.
At Safeway, I was early. Customer service does not open until 8 AM, which is annoying. I waited in line behind the Mass-Hole guy from my previous Bus Reports. He was too busy playing with his phone to notice me.


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