Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bus Report #117

Last night I left work a few minutes late and had to take a later bus. It was okay, though. It was empty, quiet and I got a window seat.
At Harrison Street, British-Look-Guy came on. He was in his usual white denim jacket, a porkpie hat and, get this, rose tinted shades!
Fashion genius!
At Mission Street the bus did not stop by BART. I think they are renovating that side of the plaza, perhaps to match the one on the opposite corner? Now the buses are stopping out front of Casa Thai, one of my favorite Mission District Markets.

This morning there was a flock of pigeons and two seagulls fighting over slices of pizza on Fillmore Street. The Gulls won.

The Masshole and several of the young families were on my 22 Fillmore.
Boys from the Mission High Basketball team sat and stood near me, applying copious amounts of Vaseline Intensive Care lotion to their hands and faces.

The Pigeon Man got on the bus at Valencia, sans pigeons and sans his sack of birdseed.
Which was kind of a relief.


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