Monday, January 09, 2006

Bus Report #121

I was on a 71 Haight on Saturday, heading to Haight and Fillmore. Some kids got on at Van Ness and pushed their way to the back of the bus, and immediately started tagging the part above the windows where ads are usually posted.
Now, here's the thing: No one said anything, though everyone stared at them, the driver did nothing, and the kids were loud, obnoxious and the stench from their paint was unbearable.
People opened windows.
People rolled their eyes, sucked their teeth, shook their heads.
Finally, one woman got up and walked to the front of the bus. She spoke to the driver and marched back to her seat.
The driver promptly pulled over and made the kids get off, but not before they angrily pushed the woman and shouted at her.
She was shook up but she was okay. I thanked her before I got off the bus.


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