Friday, January 20, 2006

Bus Report #123

This week on the bus:
Sat and chatted with Carmen, who had saved me a seat.

Gossiped with Ebony at the coffee cart, after we got off two back-to-back 22 Fillmore buses.

Sat sandwiched between two people (Nurse #1 and UPS Driver #4) who yapped on their cell phones the whole way down to work. It was 7 AM, honestly, what couldn't wait?

Watched a drunk/half-asleep man repeatedly fall out of his seat on the 38 Geary. He had a few coins in his right hand and he kept dropping them as he nodded off. Then he would lean down and scrabble around on the floor for them, only to drop them again a moment later.

Listened to the ramblings of the crazy man who rides between Mission Street and Harrison. Usually he gets thrown off because he talks about terrorists, but yesterday the driver let him stay on. As soon as he got off, I rolled my eyes at the woman who had been standing next to him, and she shook her head and rolled hers back at me.


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