Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bus Report #142

I was on a packed bus this morning, and once again the only open seat was next to the guy with the duffel bag.
He is quite odd: he took a paper-towel wrapped object out of his back pocket and set it down on top of his bag. He carefully unwrapped it, revealing... HIS WALLET!
Then he took out some money, counted it and put it back. He flipped the wallet over, on purpose, perhaps? so that I could see a picture of a naked, blonde woman that he had in a clear pocket on the back. I decided to look out the window instead.
He re-wrapped the wallet and put it back in his pocket. He took out a pen and some paper and jotted down some notes.
He took out the wallet again and recounted the money.
At this point, I noticed that a vaguely familiar-looking man was trying to catch my eye. I didn't know who it was but figured he was another regular commuter.
I smiled.
He smiled.
I nodded.
He nodded.
Then he pointed to his shoulder, then to his baseball cap.
AHH......... I got it! He was wearing a Red Sox hat and he was trying to tell me he could see the Red Sox lapel pin I wear on my jacket collar.
A Sox fan! I grinned and gave him a thumbs' up. We smiled for the rest of the ride.


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