Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bus Report #150

I spent my evening yesterday at the Castle, listening to Davy Rothbart from FOUND magazine read from the mag. It was great. His brother played some songs based on some of the FOUND notes, including one about Beer versus the Bus. He referenced the 38 Geary, which had me whooping and clapping from the back of the room.

Afterwards, I went out to the bus stop to try to get a cab.
There were none coming. I tried to hail a truck with a shiny ladder in the back and a few cars with bright lights. A homeless man offered to get me a cab, which I politely declined. He was persistent, but I did not bite.
The 38 Geary came just in time and I got on, leaving the man in the bus stop to bug someone else.
As seen on the 38 last night:
Two men standing together, obviously friends. One had a T-shirt that said, 'chocolate meat', the other had a T-shirt with a huge slice of chocolate cake on it.

A man carrying a Safeway plastic bag full of windup toys. He took out the wind up Godzilla that spits sparks and another one that looked like a Kangaroo.


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