Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bus Report #145

This morning Carmen had saved me a seat. We started gabbing before I was even in it.
"See that guy?" I asked her, in Spanish, pointing to a homeless man outside who was pushing a vendor cart* (as opposed to the standard shopping cart).
She smiled and nodded and said, "Yes, he is my boyfriend, he is waiting for me but I told him I was not interested."
I couldn't help but laugh.
She opened her backpack and took out a huge faux-leather photo album of pictures from her last trip to Mexico. We spent a very pleasant commute looking at her photos from Carnaval. Awesome.

The Confederacy of Dunces Guy got on the bus and sprawled out in a seat in the front. There was something about his messy hair, cracked-yet-still-functional Walkman and huge hideous sunglasses that just made me happy.

*The homeless man's cart: It was white laminate on four wheels, with several drawers on the front. The top of it had a little rim so things could sit on it without falling off. He had two empty paper cups on it, and at one point pulled a baggie of tobacco? pot? out of one of the drawers and rolled himself a cigarette (or joint?)which he held in his mouth but did not light.
While waiting for the bus I watched a homeless woman weave down the sidewalk and ask him for a light. He rummaged in one of his drawers for a lighter and lit her cigarette for her. Then he put it away and leaned over the cart, his elbows on the top of it. That's how I left him.


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