Monday, June 05, 2006

Bus Report #144

FCN is back from a short hiatus.

Yesterday I took the 22 Fillmore to the PH, to brunch with The Teacher's Pet.
My bus was relatively empty, and there was a man in the back of the bus singing most of the way. At Bryant Street he started to tap dance. We all stared. Some teenage girls smirked at him.
He got out at the next stop and I watched him walk, quite ordinarily, down the block.

After a most delightful brunch (breakfast burritos! Ira Glass! David Sedaris! Jon Ronson! Teacher's Pet!) The Pet and I walked down to 17th to catch the 22 again.
At the corner of Arkansas and 17th we saw the 22. I gave the driver a half-wave, hoping he'd stop and let us on. No go.
So The Teacher's Pet and I ran for it, crossing 17th without looking, running towards the stop at 17th and Wisconsin.
We thought we could get around a truck parked near the wire-fencing company, but there was no way we could both go that way. I ran around the back of the truck while she wove her way through the maze of rolled-up wire.
During our mad dash we had to be careful: we were carrying full cups of coffee from Farley's.
I have to hand it to the bus driver: he waited for us.
He waited while we ran, coffee cups sloshing, while I laughed and panted and dug in my bag for my pass.
We collapsed (carefully, so as not to spill more coffee!) into an empty seat.
Got off the bus at Guerrero to check out Needles and Pens in their new location.


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