Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bus Report #147

Today is the last week of school for the San Francisco Public Schools!
Until summer school starts the commute will be smooth and sweet.
I took my time this morning yet still made my buses and connections without any trouble.
The only regulars I saw were Alex, the man with the horrible glasses, the security guard, and the mom and daughter.
At Potrero I got off the bus and headed to Peet's for coffee. They are so nice there, so this is an acknowledgement of my love for the folks at the Potrero Center Peet's.
As I passed my afternoon bus stop I saw the Teacher's Pet. She had just watched her 10 Townsend take off without her. She decided to take the 19 Polk instead, and I just hope she has gotten to work by now. Sorry we put you on the wrong bus, Teacher's Pet! I don't think she'll ride the 19 again, after her long ride this morning.
The empty lot next to Anchor Steam has ankle-high grass in it and it has the fresh, summery smell that I miss from summers spent in Downeast, Maine. I lingered at the fence for a moment taking a few deep breaths.


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