Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bus Report #151

Where to start? Here is a random selection of bushaps from the past week.

Homeless man playing harmonica at 7:15 AM on the 22 Fillmore.

Adorable pair of 8 year old twins in red jackets endearing themselves to a pair of English girls by shyly asking, "are you English?" to which the English girls replied, "yes, are you sisters?"
The little girls nodded. "Twins," the taller one said softly.

A tourist in full tourist regalia: shorts, sandals with white socks, transit map, T-shirt not warm enough for our weather and then, a fashion statement that inspired several double takes from me and the other regulars: a stuffed monkey doll wrapped around his neck, the monkey's velcro hands grabbing him behind his head.

Tuesday, the shaved-head driver pulled the 22 Fillmore right up in front of me like he always does (three cheers for him, his friendliness, his patience!) and one of the teens almost knocked me down, cutting in front of me to get on the bus.
The shaved-head driver said, "Hey! You almost knocked the lady over! You get off the bus and wait for everyone else to get on first, you do NOT do that!"
And the kid got out and had to wait for the sweatshop ladies, the moms and kids and the other summer school kids to get on first.

I almost fell in Carmen's lap yesterday, getting into my usual seat.
"Sorry about the almost lap dance," I told her.
"That's ok," she said, and then, laughing, "I like that."
I had a laugh too. "That one was free, next time you pay," I told her. We both laughed again, then settled into our usual routine: she tells a story, I smile and nod and listen.

Crowded bus last night. Said 'hi' to Ebony, who was sitting a couple of seats away from me. The bus grew more crowded. Two sweatshop ladies sat down, one next to me and one behind Ebony. They chatted loudly, even when there were too many people on the bus and they could not see each other anymore.
The lady sitting behind Ebony suddenly started yelling extremely loudly in Chinese. I was startled to hear Ebony say, "Are you talking to me? Because if you are, you need to speak English. I don't know Chinese."
The lady said, "Yes, you pushed me."
WHAT??? Ebony had been sitting, quietly, unobtrusively for the past 20 minutes.
She said, "I am not the person you should be mad at, you should be mad at the woman who pushed you, and that was not me."
The woman said, "I'll call the police."
"Fine," Ebony said, turning back around. "You go ahead."
More yelling in Chinese. People sitting nearby sucked their teeth and shook their heads. At Mission, the sweatshop ladies got up, still yelling at Ebony and staring at the bus when they were out on the sidewalk with their bags.
A man sat beside me and said, "crazy."
I had to agree.


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