Thursday, December 07, 2006

Not transit related, and no, I am not crazy, just sensitive

In completely un-bus-related news

I’ve been angry about this for weeks, and so heartbroken I decided to just not think about it or say anything, but I can’t take it anymore.

I am sad, sad, sad about the apparently WRONG AND POINTLESS film adaptation of my favorite book.
I only know what I have read in the paper and online, so to be honest I am still mostly in the dark about the film version of this favorite book, other than the following:
Rather WRONG AND UNINSPIRING Casting- I won’t name names, but anyone who has ever read this book would die at seeing the cast list
Bizarre re-working of the central plots and characters- waiting for more details, but the best way to ruin something is to gut the plot to death.

But seriously, that’s all I need to know. A truly good film adaptation of any beloved book should at least try to keep the plot true to the original. Hell, if they can do it for Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings, how hard can it be to faithfully adapt plain old, regular, mainstream fiction? No special effects needed! No monsters or giants! Just people!
As for what I understand to be a complete re-working of the actual plot: congratulations you just made the story pointless and something that has been done a million times. Thank you. I will never in a million years go see your stupid movie.
The world could live without this film, which is why I don’t even feel like saying what it’s called or what book it’s adapted from. If you know me, you’ll hear all about it when it hits the theaters.


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