Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bus Report #193

I've been on some speedy, break-neck-and-whiplash busses lately. It's been mostly good. I've seen all the regulars and this morning caught up with L., who works at a sperm bank in my old building. He caught me up on all their gossip. On our bus he sat right in front of me, grooving to his ipod as he always does. He has such a fluid way of moving his head, his shoulders and his arms when he is listening to his music. It's as though he has no bones in his body!

Our bus was late, and we soon realized why. The doors wouldn't close and the driver had to manually shut them at each stop. I dreaded the bus going out of service and was giving it a silent pep talk to at least make it to Mission.


We had to get out at Duboce and crowd onto the bus behind us.
We still got to work on time, but L. and I were not happy about it.

Yesterday afternoon I found myself on a 6 Parnassus bus for the first time in a long time.
It was nice to follow an old route and see the changes (lots of new, 'hip' looking shops in the lower Haight, new signage on some of the older shops, rehabbed Victorians everywhere) and the constants (City Limit's Fashions, GET RID OF THE APOSTROPHE! Chinese food and Middle Eastern food in the same take out place? Can't believe that still exists! The homeless flea market, alive and well).

I took the 6 up to the Haight where I stopped in at American Apparel and Booksmith.
For my three block walk to the shops, I kept my music on and turned up so no one would bug me. It worked.
The Gap in the Haight looks like it's closing. Shock! But no horror! Who needs it anyway!

Lots of gutter punks and their scary dogs hanging around.
Chatted with the girl in Booksmith about sewing (I was looking at sewing books)

Waited for a 33 Stanyan after I was done and luckily one came fast, but it was crowded. Such is the bus rider's life.


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