Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bus Report #194

I have had some excellent bus luck tonight.
First, I was waiting for the 19 Polk (It's Wednesday, Kneedle and Bottle Club night at the Castle) and had the good fortune to bump in to Ramon. It's been a while, but we caught up (quickly, as his bus was approaching) and then parted ways.
My bus came a moment later. The 19 Polk always makes me feel like I should take a decontamination shower when I get out. The passengers are an odd combination of students, professionals, people just out of jail and really creepy crackheads.

At the Castle, someone had put an entire Pixies album on the jukebox. Excellent.

After the Teacher's Pet and I had some grub, a drink and knitted a few rows, we went out to find a cab. I saw the 38 Geary coming towards us. I decided to take it instead of the cab. The Teacher's Pet got a Yellow Cab, I got the 38, and I was home a fast fifteen minutes later.



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