Friday, January 26, 2007

Bus Report #195

I had a MUNI related dream last night, in two parts.
Part One: Mayhem and the 38 Geary

I dreamt I lived way far out in the avenues, in an apartment that looked suspiciously like my current place. A 38 Geary bus broke down outside, and a horde of teenagers streamed out. They immediately started rioting, overturning trash cans and started breaking in to people's apartments. I quickly locked my front door but a couple of kids broke the door down. I said something to them (can'’t remember what it was) and they left.

Part Two: No One Listens

I dreamt I was on a 22 Fillmore that was headed towards Pacific Heights. I pulled the signaler to get out at Geary and Fillmore but the driver did not stop. I yelled, "hey, man, I want to get out. And before you say anything, yes, I did pull the signaler."
Everyone on the bus (except the driver) laughed. The driver screeched to a halt and I got out with a middle-aged dad and his two adorable adopted daughters who needed to get to school. We walked a couple of blocks and then they went one way and I went the other.


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