Monday, April 16, 2007

Bus Report #215

Last Wednesday I walked down to catch the bus. The 22 Fillmore was stopped at my stop, but I didn't think I had a chance to catch it so I didn't bother to run.
As I got closer I could see that there was a police car parked in front of the bus. Ebony was standing over to the side.
I crossed the street. "They're finally coming for you, huh?" I asked her. She laughed. Then she lowered her voice. "It's the kids," she said.
Apparently a group of ISA students had gotten on the bus but refused to pay. When the driver told them to pay their fares or get out, they started yelling and threatening him instead of just getting out. So the driver called the cops.

Ebony and I watched as the cops (maybe two or three cops) tried to get the kids to disperse. There were about ten kids, and the sight of the cops did nothing to get them to move. Instead, the kids started cursing out the cops, too. More cops arrived.
We thought, 'good, maybe they'll take them all down to juvie to calm down'. Nope. Our 10 Townsend pulled up and we got on, just as the cops told the kids to get out of there. No one got written up, no one got taken in.
We were not happy. These kids pull this kind of stunt every day, and it's stupid. If I have to pay to ride the bus, they should too. They can afford meals at MacDonald's and the latest fashion, but they can't save $10.00 a month to buy a student pass?
Not to mention, they were so riled up after the incident, it was pretty obvious they'd cause more trouble with the next bus that came by, or else they'd start trouble with anyone who got in their way.
It was lame. The cops should have done something.


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