Friday, March 16, 2007

Bus Report #207

And just like the Emiliano in my story, the flesh and blood Emiliano was wearing the same green plaid shirt and red knit cap today as he was yesterday, and perhaps the day before. It made me smile.

I waited for the 38 Geary with the Russian businessman this morning. He was dressed for casual Friday (Jeans, sneakers, windbreaker instead of blazer) and he approached the stop from the opposite direction, which was weird.
He must have seen my odd expression, because he quickly explained that he had been checking on his car which was parked down the block. Apparently it's been messed with a lot lately: windshield wipers stolen and a bolt missing from a tire. We discussed car thefts and vandalism until the bus came.

At 9th Ave., Mr. Polite boarded the bus. He politely said 'Good morning,' to me and I said the same back to him.


Blogger Hardtail For Life said...

Did you end up making the Guinness Cake? It was a huge success in New Jersey (even though it isn't green).


3:18 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Nope, did not get around to it. Glad you made it, though!

8:26 AM  

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