Monday, March 19, 2007

Bus Report # 208

I took a lot of buses this weekend. First, on Saturday, I tried to walk all the way to my new branch library but it was too far to do while carrying groceries. I waited for the 38 with an elderly lady who had been waiting a full half an hour already.
"If my son comes and gets me before the bus arrives, he can drop you off," she told me.
It was sweet of her. The bus came five minutes later.

Not an hour later and I was on another 38 Geary, this time heading in the opposite direction to meet J. for ice cream in the Mission. I got out at Divisadero and switched to the 24. I noticed that they now have the Next Bus system installed along the 24 line (as well as the 22 line). Awesome.

I got down to the Castro early so I stopped in at Philz Coffee for a quick coffee, then ambled the rest of the way down 18th Street to meet J. at the new Bi-Rite Creamery.
I sat outside in the sun reading my book (awesome short stories by Etgar Keret, especially the story Kneller's Happy Campers) and people watching. Lots of good people to watch.
There was a boy on a bicycle who had his laundry basket balanced on the handlebars. The first time he passed me it was empty, the second time a few moments later, it was full.

After a lovely afternoon with J. I took the 22 to the 38 to get home. It was uncrowded, with many riders wearing green for St. Patty's day.

This morning I thought I was late for the bus but I realized I wasn't when I saw the Russian businessman at the stop. We were in fact, early. We hit Fillmore street right at 7 AM where I waited, sleepily, with the dreadlocked dental technician, several students and the day laborers.

At Mission, like clockwork, Emiliano got on through the back of the bus. He was wearing his red knit cab again and his green plaid shirt, only this time under the plaid he wore a black and hot pink t-shirt. He slipped through the crowd and disappeared from my sight.


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