Friday, March 23, 2007

Bus Report #209

Last night I rode the 10 Townsend with Ebony, who now takes the 10 to AC Transit. We had a spirited discussion about the Democratic candidates which made the people sitting around us smile and watch us.
As she got out at her stop, she said: "Talk to you tomorrow, Sis."

BT got on at his usual stop. He waved and mouthed a 'hey' to me.

This morning a man who looked like a pirate got on the 38. He had a black trash bag and the pink handlebars off of a girl's bicycle. His long, scraggly hair had a string tied around it. His button-down shirt was open to reveal a hairy, milk-white chest that no one needed to see at 7 AM.

The couple sitting near him got up a moment later and moved to the back.

A man (or woman? former woman?) sitting near me was reading my favorite book, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. Part of me wanted to say something but other than, "hey, that's my favorite book" I couldn't think of anything.

The guy sitting across from us had messy hair and dusty clothes, a dreamy look in his eyes and a thin smile on his face. When the teenage girls in the back of the bus started teasing each other, his grin spread until he was laughing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should put that book on my insanely long list of books to read!

12:23 AM  
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