Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bus Report #216

This morning the Alien Donut Man was on my 38 Geary again. I put on my sunglasses (at 7 AM) so as to be in disguise. I doubt it worked, but who knows?
He sat diagonally across from me, his back straight and his hands clamped over his knees.
I did my best to look in the other direction.

At Fillmore I waited for the 22 with the handsome South Asian chef, the teen who always stands in front of me, and a couple other people.
The bus came late, and it was already crowded. I ended up sitting next to a kid who had sprawled out in his seat. He was taking up a lot of my space, so I slowly pushed his leg out of my way.
My feeling is: unless you pay for two fares, you are giving me all the room I am entitled to. Of course, not everyone thinks this way. Case in point: the teen who always stands in front of me took up a whole seat to herself. She was spread out in the seat with her backpack beside her. She didn't move for anyone.


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