Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bus Report #253

Last night I ran to catch a 38L to get home. Two women were blocking the stepwell, so I politely asked if I could get by. One of them, who was holding a Banzai tree, graciously moved. The other woman sucked her teeth at me and gave me a mean look.
I shouldered by her and stood in the back where there was PLENTY of room.
At the next stop, an older man tried to get by her. Her huge backpack smashed into him as he maneuvered to get past. She yelled, "Come on, man, cut that shit out!"
He said, "You could take your backpack off."
She turned around and went off on him. "You better not mess with me or I'll cut you I swear I will."
Good lord. I rolled my eyes at the people sitting across from me. They rolled theirs back at me.
The man should have just ignored her. If he had, I would have liked him, but instead, he said, "I'd like to see you try."
Which just set her off again.
Finally the two of them calmed down. He sat in the back. She continued to block the stepwell and be rude to everyone who got on.
I noticed she was wearing a student ID around her neck. She goes to The Academy of Art, the school that advertises on TV with some of the worst ads I've ever seen.
That made me feel good. I am a mean, mean person.
And that is okay.


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