Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bus Report #273

It's raining today.
I know that MUNI barely functions in the rain so I left my house early, bundled up in a few layers and some plastic rain boots.
I went to my stop and waited with several people who had their umbrellas up, INSIDE the bus shelter. Yeah.
One woman kept trying to flag down the Limited. This is a woman from my block who takes the regular every day with me. She should know by now that the Limited won't stop at our stop.
The Smiley bus driver pulled up and opened the door right in front of me. I got in and got a nice dry seat amid the sea of ones that were wet from coats and umbrellas.
Why, why, why do people put wet umbrellas on the seats? Don't they understand that it makes the seats wet? I know I complain about this every time it rains but it just seems so stupid to me.

At Fillmore we had just missed a bus. I waited in the shelter with the teen, a construction worker, and the sewing lady who gets out near Everett.

When our bus finally came (late), I noticed the destination sign said the last stop would be Kansas and 17th.
Fine with me since I get out a few stops before then.
The ride was smooth through the Mission.
At Harrison and 16th our driver got on her PA system and started saying something about the bus behind her. The PA system was so awful it was almost impossible to hear anything.
I heard a few words, like Third Street, bus behind me, and get off, but since her bus was supposed to be going to Kansas and 17th I didn't get off. Why bother.
Finally she got off her PA and screamed at the few of us who hadn't gotten out yet that we needed to "Get off the bus, now, I won't tell you again."
I got off the bus and headed up the hill. I noticed that she had changed the sign on her bus to say the last stop was Bryant and 17th.
Which begs the question: Why kick everyone out before getting to the last stop?
Not fair, not in the rain.

I walked up the hill and went to the coffee shop.
My favorite guy behind the counter asked me if I had slept well in the rain.
I had.

As I crossed the parking lot in a better mood, now that I had my coffee, I saw two thuggish-looking boys holding hands as they went in to the bank. I don't know why, but it made me smile.

Walking past the UPS headquarters I saw a few drivers I know and we exchanged greetings.
A few more UPS guys were napping in their cars under the over pass.

I rounded the corner and saw a broken down 22 Fillmore. It was the one all my bus mates had transferred to. I felt bad for them. I gave a 'what can you do?' look to one of the guys who had been on my bus. He just shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes.


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