Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bus Report #356

The other night, after watching Batman with J., we took a 38 Geary from downtown. It was late, 11:40 PM or so, and they were running the short buses (which always seems like the opposite of what they should do on their late night runs... So many people take the buses at that time, I wonder why they don't run the accordions at that time of night. Sigh). We got on and moved towards the back.
A man was sitting in a window seat, either napping or passed out. In his arms he was clutching a boom box, that was set on some sort of Muzak station. Everyone kept shooting him dirty looks, but he didn't notice.
J. got out at Leavenworth and I kept going.
The bus emptied out at Larkin but filled up again at Polk/Van Ness.
Lots of guys who looked like painters or movers, and a pair of quiet college age boys in tight pants and zipped up sweatshirts got on.
One of the boys sat next to me and the other one sat across from us.
At one point, the Muzak station played some Billy Joel. The two boys started smiling but didn't say anything. Instead, I noticed they both had their phones out, and they were texting, presumably each other.
They were still texting when I got out ten minutes later.

Yesterday, I took a 10 Townsend bus downtown from work. My driver was no-nonsense, asking to see people's transfers, telling people their day passes had expired, etc.
There was a lot of traffic, due to a ball game I think, and our driver couldn't get to the bus stop at Brannan. There were people standing there, so she signaled for them to wait up at the corner. She even called out to them.
They didn't get it.
One guy, who was carrying a broom, started yelling at her and banging on the bus door.
"Get out of the street!" the driver told him. "Get out of the street and wait on the corner."
The light changed and she got as close to the corner as she could.
She opened the door. The three people who had been waiting started yelling at her.
She didn't yell back. Instead, she said, simply, "I didn't want you walking in traffic which is why I asked you all to wait at the corner."
What could they say to that? Score one for her.

I waited for the 2 Clement across from my usual stop.
I got a nice seat in the back and settled in for the ride. It's a longer ride than the 38, but it's calmer, quieter, and smells better, which is what I needed yesterday.
Uneventful ride home, just the way I wanted it.


Blogger Greg said...

drivers like the one you mention are cool. they handle the weirdos and are looking out for ways to make things safer. THEY Are the ones that deserve some serious rewarding.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

So true, Greg!
She was pretty great.
I think sometimes we all forget what a truly demanding job they can have...

2:11 PM  

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