Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bus Report #353

Little tidbits:

Forgotten from Tuesday -
Met S. for drinks after work, then caught a 22 from Church and Market and headed home. The bus was pretty empty. I sat next to a guy who looked a little shell-shocked.
I took my new (to me) book about goldfish out of my bag and started reading it.
"Hey, how you been?"
I looked up and saw my former UPS guy, K., standing by the door.
"Good," I told him. "You?"
He was always kind of strange, so when he started laughing I just let it go. "Fine, fine," he said, still laughing. "You know, same old."
"Yep," I said.

Last night as the 38 pulled up, I saw that the driver was one I hadn't seen in a while, a short chubby guy with a beret.
He smiled.
I said, "Long time no see, huh?"
He said, "Yes, it's nice to see you."
When I got out, I made sure to call a "have a nice day!" to him.

This morning one of the girls who gets on at Hayes sat next to me.
We always end up walking a few feet apart to get our coffee, its funny because I have this feeling she walks faster than me on purpose, to get there a minute earlier. It's weird.


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