Monday, July 14, 2008

Bus Report #348

One of the drawbacks to living in the Richmond is that sometimes it takes a very long time to meet up with friends in other neighborhoods. It's a minor drawback, and I've never let it stop me, but I'm putting it out there.
Yesterday I learned that living in the Richmond has one more perk I hadn't noticed before: easy quick access to Stern Grove.
I had company in town this weekend, and we made liberal use of MUNI ( 2 Clement to downtown, 1 California from Chinatown, the 38 and 22 to meet friends at Lucky 13) and then yesterday we packed up a nice picnic and headed for the bus stop.
I knew the 28 would drop us off right at Stern Grove, but I'd never done it before. However, we were extremely excited to see Rachid Taha live in concert, so there we were, picnic bag in hand, waiting on the 28.
It came in less than 5 minutes.
I thought it was going to be packed with concert goers, but it was pretty empty.
We got dropped off right across the street from Stern Grove 20 minutes later.
After the show (which was fantastic! If you've never heard Taha you are missing out, check out the opening group too, MC Rai) we went to the 28 stop and again, I expected the bus to be packed since everyone was leaving Stern Grove at the same time. It was crowded but not bad.
A man sitting in front of us had a huge sack of oatmeal. I wondered what he was going to make with it.
Or maybe he just really, really liked oatmeal.
There were a few moms and babies in the front of the bus. The babies were cute, active, and one tried to grab a book her neighbor was trying to read.
We were home before 6 PM.
A great weekend!


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