Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bus Report #349

Last night on my way home from a late meeting downtown I got on the 38 at New Montgomery.
The bus was warm and smelled like fresh baked yellow cake. The kind from a mix, but really buttery.
It was a surprise because usually, well, MUNI doesn't smell like dessert.
The ride was fine, unexciting, maybe even boring. The man sitting next to me was reading newspapers on one of those electronic book reading thingys. It struck me as a little obnoxious and unnecessary, but better than having someone reading a spread-out copy of the Chron, rustling and crinkling the pages and elbowing me in the head.

This morning I missed the 38 regular and decided to walk up and take the 38 L from a nearby stop.
It's a totally different crowd, the 38 L crowd.
They seem.... slightly more business like than the 38 regular crowd. And they are quieter.

At Fillmore I waited with a high school girl who decided that even though it's a huge bus stop that she needed to stand almost shoulder to shoulder with me.

A 38 Geary bus came by, with the 'Emergency Call 911' message flashing.
I thought about it but the bus seemed to be making regular stops and no one seemed to be doing anything out of the ordinary, so I didn't make the call. Hopefully that was the right choice!

The 22 Fillmore came and it was practically empty. The only passengers were:
The woman who looks like a model
The catfish face man
The woman who wears dark sunglasses even when its dark out
The woman who wears the inappropriate little girl dresses
The guy with the mustache who always says hi to me and stands up when I need to get out of the window seat
It was a quick ride, no drama or trauma.
At my stop I decided to be nice and let someone get off the bus before me.
She didn't get the 'step down' concept, so I got out first to demonstrate.
I wandered across 16th Street and went to get my coffee.
As I walked the rest of the way to work, a 22 came by.
One of the sewing ladies was on it. She saw me, and smiled.
It was nice.


Anonymous Sus said...

I think you were fine - I saw one of those messages once while I was crossing the street. I looked at the message, and at the driver, then back at the message and the driver again - the driver gave me an everything's-a-okay hand wave, I nodded and kept going. :)

1:59 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Yeah, I think I was fine, too. I HAVE called them before, when I saw a 19 Polk with the same message. The bus seemed to be speeding through stops and it seemed potentially genuine. Never found out what had happened.

2:54 PM  

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