Monday, July 21, 2008

Bus Report #351

Crazy people on the bus, crazier people downtown (but crazier in a good way)

Saturday night I took the 38 downtown, to meet up with the other Rachel and her friends.
My 38 was late, and I was getting antsy, but I got a seat and settled in for the ride.
At Presidio a man and his very tall, very blonde girlfriend got on the bus.
Through my headphones I could hear him talking to her, but it wasn't until I heard him talking about the 'homosexuals and the heterosexuals' that I thought he might be nuts.
He ranted about women with short hair and men with long hair (several of each sitting in front of him), about not being able to tell who was who, etc.
A couple sitting in front of him stared at him with confusion.
The man's girlfriend didn't tell him to be quiet, didn't ask him to settle down, instead she stood right in front of him in an attempt to keep him from lunging at the people he had decided to talk at, a tattooed, croc-wearing male and female couple sitting quietly minding their own business.
I waited for the girlfriend to apologize to the couple, but she didn't.
Too weird!
He started on a new rant, about how only Arabs wear scarves (There were about 3 of us wearing scarves, we made eye contact with each other, smiled).
He and his girlfriend finally got out at Larkin, and good riddance to the both of them!

Once downtown I met up with Rachel and her friends.
The new Clock Bar at the Westin is nice! Much nicer than my usual hangouts.
We ended the night at the Gold Dust, a good reason to not go to bars in Union Square.
But it was fun, met some really nice people, had some drinks, then we split up so I could 38-it home while they cabbed it.


Anonymous Other Rachel said...

they got out at Larkin? figures.

9:02 PM  

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