Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bus Report #357

I ran an errand for work this afternoon, and on the way back I caught the 22 Fillmore. The driver had just come from the bus yard, so it was nice and empty.
I flashed my fast pass and thanked the driver.
"You got it," he said.
A couple of people got on and walked to the back.
At 16th and Kansas , a man and a woman ran to catch the bus. The man asked the driver a question I couldn't understand, and the driver just shrugged.
The man and his... Girlfriend? Wife? Got on and it was immediately obvious that there was something wrong with the both of them. They were both extremely twitchy, talkative and the woman was having trouble balancing. She was also yelling to herself, except that she was mute or something because there was no sound.
We turned the corner and headed up Kansas. The man looked back and got agitated.
"There it is, Mitchie," he said. "I can't fuckin' believe we passed it and it's RIGHT BEHIND US."
In response, Mitchie cursed to herself, silently.
The man got up and started pushing on the door (we were still moving). "Driver, can we get out here, driver?"
The driver stopped the bus and let them out. The guy got out first, yelling, "Let's go, Mitchie, let's go, it's right here," and Mitchie slowly made her way down the stairs, grimacing and rolling her eyes and nodding her head.
The driver kept going.
I thanked him again when we got to my stop.
"You got it," he said again.


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