Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bus Report #360

M. and I had just given blood and had some lunch when we decided to hop on a 30 Stockton bus and head downtown.
We had seats and the bus was fairly empty, until we hit North Beach.
From North Beach to Chinatown the bus filled up until it was packed so tightly no one else could get on, though they tried. We decided we better make a run for it before it got any worse.
At the Washington Street stop, I pulled the signaller and we stood up to go.
Despite yelling, "Coming out! Coming out! Please move!" nothing happened. Everyone pretended not to hear us.
M. pushed past a woman who had been ignoring us and tried to get out the door.
"Move out of the way. Get out of the fucking stepwell!" I said.
M elbowed someone and shoved her way through the door.
She called back, "You're all morons!"
I managed to squeeze out the door a moment later.
We may have been short a pint of blood, but we were certainly full of anger and fury.


Blogger Greg said...

The 30 stockton can be one of the worst rides on MUNI ever. They really need to take my advice and make up a "shopper shuttle" so that the masses can get downtown and back ok, and commuters and longer trip riders can not be mobbed.

I was on it one time when it was so packed literally no one could breathe. and yet, when we stopped people tried to get on. I learned that day cantonese for "are you fucking insane? there's no room anymore!"

7:51 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

You are so right, Greg. What made me the most angry was that these folks all knew what we were trying to do and knew what we were saying... Yet they pretended they didn't. It isn't hard to step down and let people out... Makes more room for them in the end. A shopper shuttle would be great. I'll sign your petition when you write it!

7:49 AM  

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