Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bus Report #358

Days and days worth of MUNI-related tidbits.

Saturday walking with M. in the Sunset, saw a car that looked as though it had been hit or had hit a nearby N Judah. The N looked okay, but was definitely not moving. The car looked a little crumpled, but the driver was outside, making cell phone calls.

Excellent bus luck on Sunday as I went downtown to meet JozJozJoz and Yoshi. My bus was right on time and dropped me off near the SFMOMA with plenty of time for a coffee and some Franny & Zooey.

Week so far:
A man got on the 38 the other day at Kearny, and it was taking a long time so I thought maybe he was having trouble securing his bike or something.
But no.
He was carrying a desk onto the bus.
Not a HUGE desk, but you know, a wooden desk with legs and a drawer and the whole thing. He got it on the bus and tried to wedge it and himself near the second door. There was a wheelchair passenger so he couldn't use that space. For the rest of the ride people had to squeeze by him.
He did not get out until Park Presidio.
I was surprised the driver even thought it was a good idea to let him on!

Lots of teenage girls camped out in front of the Fillmore starting on Monday. I walked by them on my way to work and thought, someday you will be like me, kids, so live it up now. I also thought, 'your moms really let you camp out down here for days? What, did you tell her you were at Susie's house or something?'
I found out this morning from the Chron that they were here to see some flash-in-the-pan German band.

I had a cake with me yesterday for a birthday at work. Trying to keep a cake level while riding MUNI is definitely a hassle. At one point, I tried to readjust the twine and the twine slipped off, and I sort of had to lunge for the poor cake. Ah well, it survived and tasted good.
Yet another strange item I have taken on MUNI (remember the cast iron pans? can't remember when that was but they definitely saw the city, that's for sure).

Today it was so foggy I thought my lenses were dirty, which they are, but it was actually just fog.
Listened to This American Life as we rode down a quiet, fogged-over Geary.


Blogger TK said...

The kids were lined up to see Tokio Hotel, who are, just as you say, a flash in the pan German band. Did you see Aidin Vaziri's review in the Chron? Priceless:

"The best way to describe the glam-metal-emo-pop-tween group is like the Jonas Brothers for girls who prefer chipped black nail polish and fishnet stockings to unicorn puffy stickers and purity rings."

8:52 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I DID see his article... Aidin is wicked, love it.
Those kids were seriously into it... They had posterboard signs taped up on the post office wall and everything.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Regarding the guy with the desk .. I've recently, like within the last 3 weeks, seen a guy in the Panhandle park a few times sitting at a desk, with a stool and everything. He appears to be studying. Maybe the same guy?

10:30 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I think my guy was a student, but who knows?
Good catch on the panhandle studier... Only in SF...

1:06 PM  

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