Friday, September 26, 2008

Bus Report #369

I'm not sure what it was, but I felt great this morning. The sunrise was blue and green and orange and pink, the 38 Geary was on time and everyone just seemed... I don't know... kind of beautiful this morning.
At Fillmore, the 22 was just leaving the stop as I got out of the 38. I ran as fast as I could down the block. The driver, one of my 22 Fillmore favorites, gestured for me to wait near Its Market.
He opened the door and let me in.
"Thank you so much," I told him.
I scored and empty seat and looked around to see who else was there.
The woman who looks like a model, Whitney, was sitting near the front.
The catfish face man sat in his usual spot.
In the back I could hear the recovering addict, the neck tattoo lady and the guy who gets out at Turk talking.
"The only people in the building I talk to are you and Joe," the recovering addict said. "But you know, Joe's loaded all the time and you know, I can't be around that."
The neck tattoo lady said something that sounded like an agreement.
At McAllister, the older woman who sometimes sits next to me got on. She smiled at me and sat next to me.
"A bit chilly this morning," she said.
I agreed.
It seemed as though everyone on the bus was having the same morning I was. People smiled at each other, gazed adoringly at the little kids on the bus, made room in their seats for other people. It was unusual but nice.

At Church and Market people stood smoking outside the church.
My seatmate got out at Dolores. She waved goodbye to me as she left.

We hit 16th and Mission. Instead of crowding into the bus through the back door, everyone came in through the front, and no one pushed. Weird!
The bus was about to pull away when the other Red Sox fan ran up. The driver let him on. I wanted to say something like, we Red Sox fans have to stick together, but it wouldn't have made any sense.

Last night I went to the CBS 5 blogger mixer. It was fun! So thanks, CBS 5 and Brittney! I went with the other Rachel, and we met some really nice folks. I'll be sticking links to their blogs/projects in the San Francisco section on the sidebar.
On the way to the mixer I took the 19 Polk downtown (no problems like the last time I took the 19!), dropped off books at the library (have you used the self check-in yet? It's neat!), then took a 21 Hayes to the end of the line. Very good bus rides.
The Ferry Building was busy but I decided to get a drink and some food before going to the mixer. Sat in Taylor's Refresher and had some food. Rachel called me and I booked it over to the TV Station to meet her. And that was that.


Blogger Janice said...

Hey Rachel, it was great to meet you last night.

I love the names you have for people on MUNI. I've had a "Crystal Light" and a "MochaStalkaLatta" in my life.

12:25 PM  

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