Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bus Report #364

This and That:

-Friday morning I got on the 22 Fillmore and saw Carmen for the first time all summer. We sat together and caught up on the summer's goings on. She is doing well. It was nice to see her friendly face.

-Sunday I took the 38 Geary down to the Fillmore to buy tickets to a couple of shows. There was a bit of a line but I only saw one person leave without tickets (I guess her show was sold out).
I'll be at Stars and Two Gallants, which makes me very happy.
The bus back from there was a bit crazy... Just me and about 20 elderly folks who had been waiting for 15 minutes, everyone trying to squish on board... I flashed my fast pass at the driver and got in on the back so the older folks could have seats in the front. Lots of people in the back of the bus were headed to Baker Beach or Ocean Beach. I gave some tourist girls directions to Ocean Beach ("Just stay on the bus til you see the water").

-Last night I had (free!) tickets to the Giants game. I went down to Mission Bay beforehand to explore... It's so crazy how new everything there is... I tried to go to the library (closed on Mondays), then had a coffee at delicious delicious Philz.
Watched people cross the street from the T Third stop to the MUNI stop across the way.
Tried to figure out which buses went along King Street. Only could see the 108 Treasure Island bus.
Watched the people going by switch from working stiffs in casual dress clothes to families wearing their Giants orange and black.
I met I. in front of the bookstore and we went to the game.
The Giants won, I couldn't believe it.
After the game I wanted to take the bus home but that wasn't going to happen.
I ended up walking over to 2nd Street and flagged down a cab so effectively I got two cabs.
But could only take one, of course.


Blogger Kathleen said...

I'll be at Stars too! Exciting!

9:59 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

If you want to meet up at the show, drop me an email... It should be great!

10:51 AM  

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