Monday, December 08, 2008

Bus Report #385

MUNI is trying to break my heart.
This weekend I had late buses, slow buses, buses that almost hit cars and other buses. I had loud talkers, people coughing up lungs, people smoking nasty (nastier than usual) cigarettes in the bus shelters, crazy people, pushy people and Christmas carolers.

And that's only on 7 separate trips, mind you.

The smokers and the coughers were mostly in the bus shelters, but I had a couple of awful coughers on my 22 last Thursday afternoon and my 38 yesterday night. Really bad, wet, full body coughers. Yuck.
The carolers were on a 38 outbound last night from downtown.
I'm not usually a scrooge (hell, I don't have to do anything for Christmas except take a day off, so I usually love it) but I can't stand when people start singing on the bus without asking permission. I wouldn't do it, and they shouldn't do it, Santa hats or no Santa hats.

I took the 3 Jackson home from the Kabuki on Friday. I went to see Milk, and it was great, I highly recommend it to everyone. You'll cry, but you'd be unfeeling if you didn't.
I've never taken the 3 before, but I liked it. It passes a big park, some very fancy houses and a school I'd never seen before. I walked home from Laurel Heights.


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