Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bus Report #380

What gives, MUNI?
You have been late every morning this week when I have been trying to get to work.
Did you change schedules without telling us? Is everyone who drives the 38 and the 22 in the morning on vacation?
I've been getting up at my usual time and getting out the door a few minutes early, but I've still been waiting way too long for MUNI. I've been walking up a couple blocks to a stop where I could also get a 38L if I want, but it hasn't made a difference. When the bus does come, its a 38 regular with a driver I only used to have if I was running late, and the bus is packed.
Same goes for the 22- packed buses, driver I usually see as I am WALKING to work from Potrero (It's the bus after my usual bus).
So what gives, MUNI, seriously? It's not cool.
You have until Monday to get your act together, and then I call and put a report on you.

On a lighter note, for the first time in years I have been able to take the 28 19th Ave. bus home from my class in the Marina, and haven't had more than a 10 minute wait every time.
Well done.


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