Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bus Report #379

In my rush to document my awful commute last night, I skipped the weekend entirely. Bad on me.

Halloween night I was sure I'd have a spooky hell of a time getting around. I was going to a shindig in the Sunset (thanks Casper and Teacher's Pet!) and knew I'd be waiting in the cold for the 28 for a long, long time.
I went out to the bus stop and got ready to wait.
Three minutes later, the bus came.
I was shocked. I got on, along with two punk zombies, a woman in a Kimono and someone who looked like they might be dressed as a biker, or else they were a biker.
Another seven minutes or so and the bus spit me out on 19th and Irving, early to the party for once.

The plan was to meet F. and B. at Mission Pie to catch up and have some pie and coffee. The rain was something else, and we pushed our meeting time back a couple hours.
I was already soaking wet from going out earlier so I decided that I didn't care if it took longer, I'd take the 38 all the way downtown and transfer to BART. Which I did.
Total travel time? 40 minutes.
Only problem: the BART gates didn't like my fast pass and I had to show it to the ticket agent both times. Both times the women looked at me like I was nuts and told me the card worked just fine, which was obviously not the case.
Anyway, the commute was impressive, as taking 2 buses would have taken longer and there would have been more walking involved. I was early so I went to the Mission Branch of the library. I love that branch, I could live in there. I wasn't planning to take out any books but ended up leaving with one Reinaldo Arenas book I hadn't read before, and a compilation of Cuban-American writers edited by Carolina Hospital. As I left, I tucked the books in my bag and hoped I wouldn't get them too wet.

I met J. and M. at the 33 Stanyan stop at Geary and Arguello. We were headed to the Mission to meet up with some other people to go to the Dia de los muertos procession. We caught the bus and got on, sat in the seats in the back that face each other.
A man sat on the same side as J. and he spent the whole ride reacting to our conversation and laughing, even though we weren't being that funny.
At Haight and Ashbury someone was parked in the bus zone so yet again, for my second time in a few weeks, the bus had to try to scrape by without damaging the car or the bus. We made it, but man, people, don't park in red zones. Or you might find your car has been crushed by a bus.


Anonymous Other rachel said...

your novel is at 5200 already? I haven't even hit 2000! but then again, you don't have a pre-schooler.


10:00 PM  
Blogger TK said...

Just out of curiosity, do you ever use Nextbus.com? It's not always accurate, but when it's on, it can save you from long waits in the cold.

The 28 is on there. Give it a try!

12:28 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I do use next bus, but I have found that while it's mostly accurate sometimes it is bizarrely inaccurate... And when you call to confirm it's really a 67 minute wait they tell you its actually a 5 minute wait. Sigh.
Thanks, TK.

2:47 PM  

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