Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bus Report #428

Yesterday afternoon I walked down the hill to catch the bus. I was at the corner near the brewery when I saw the 10 Townsend pull in to the stop. I quickened my pace, not really trying to catch the bus, knowing it was a lost cause. But the 10 lingered. So I held on to my bag and hurled myself down the hill, across the street and around the corner.
I climbed on board and sat down.
One of the guys who works down the street (I've narrowed it down to a bathroom fixtures store or the formal dress factory) was already on board. He smiled at me, and I smiled back.
I don't think we've ever actually talked, but he is very nice.
I wonder if he made the bus wait for me? Guess I'll never know.

Later, on the 38, A man got on at Larkin and sat behind me. All was well for a few moments. Then, the most horrible, pervasive stench filled the back of the bus. It smelled awful. It smelled just like a pet store in Boston (great selection and convenient location, smell aside): stuffy, like a million animals rolled in to one, and just generally sweaty, filthy and nasty.
I spent the rest of my ride fanning myself and facing the windows. When I got out the bus, I took several deep breaths of Geary and Masonic air, and it tasted fresh and wonderful.
That's when I realized how awful the smell had been.


The new hat store in the old nut shop location (both names escape me) across from Britex looks great. Love the way the facade looks.

The Richmond Branch library is open again, hooray! Lots of people getting off the bus there lately.

All my commutes have been faster now that school's out for the summer. Yay.


Anonymous al said...

I was at the richmond library today. the amount of nannies was astounding!

9:18 PM  

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